Vet Health Certificate and current negative Coggins must travel with the Horse! Not in the mail!

Interestingly, this issue has come up several times lately…

You must have a current negative Coggins physically with you when transporting a horse in Oklahoma.  And if the horse is coming into Oklahoma from out of state, the horse must have with it, not only a current negative Coggins, but also a current veterinary health certificate.   Following this link for specific details:

If the horse is coming from out of the country further quarantine restrictions apply.

If you are buying a horse from out of state, do not accept or transport that horse without a hard copy in hand of both the veterinary health certificate and current negative Coggins!  If you are buying in state, you must be given a current negative Coggins before you accept that horse for transport!  Being told it is in the mail is not sufficient to meet Federal and State transportation laws.

Failure to follow the Oklahoma equine transport law is a misdemeanor offense and most importantly, puts all of our horses at risk for contracting highly contagious and deadly diseases.

This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.  


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